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Make it Count with Retrofit Qualifications

The UK is facing two big problems:

  1. Rising energy prices
  2. The need to reduce carbon emissions

People are increasingly worried about how they can reduce energy use in their homes to not only save money but take action in the fight against climate change.

Retrofit refers to any improvement work on an existing building to improve its energy efficiency, making it easier to heat, able to retain that heat for longer, and replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. Retrofitted homes are better protected against energy price increases as they can generate their own energy and are improved so they actually require less energy too.

The UK has some of the oldest and worst housing stock in Europe. In fact, 40% of UK emissions comes from homes. The UK Green Building Council say that 1.8 homes per minute will need to be retrofitted to deliver the UK government’s commitment to net zero by 2050. To do this the UK needs thousands of new retrofitters, delivering home decarbonisation at a scale never seen before.

AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group has developed five qualifications that give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in the Retrofit industry.

The Retrofit Academy

Whilst these qualifications can be delivered by any AIM approved centre, we have a close relationship with the Retrofit Academy who have trained over 1700 Retrofit Coordinators nationwide. They offer Training Partnership Licence options for anyone interested in working with them to deliver retrofit training.

*BSI PAS 2035 - offers an end-to-end framework for the application of energy retrofit measures to existing buildings in the UK and provides best practices for their implementation.

Learn more about the benefits of being a Retrofit Academy Training Partner here.

Related qualifications

CITB National Occupational Standards

  • Associated Industrial Services Occupations (Construction)
  • Building Maintenance Multi-Trade Repair and Refurbishment Operations
  • Cladding Occupations
  • Construction and Civil Engineering Operations
  • Construction Site Management
  • Construction Site Supervision
  • Controlling Lifting Occupations – Level 2 + 4 NVQ
  • Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting Operations
  • Formwork Occupations
  • Interior Systems – Level 2 NVQ Certificates + Diplomas
  • Occupational Work Supervision Level 3 Diploma
  • Plant Operations
  • Plastering
  • Roofing Occupations
  • Trowel Occupations
  • Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Waterproof Membrane Roofing Systems
  • Wood Occupations

Deliver these qualifications

New and exisiting centres looking to offer any of these qualifications, should speak to our Business Development Team , who can talk you through the offer. 

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