Withdrawn qualifications

Withdrawn qualifications

We constantly review our products to ensure they are relevant, current and deliver maximum benefits to learners and centres. As a result, we have identified a number of qualifications that will be withdrawn for new learner registrations. These qualifications are listed below.

We will continue to support and assess these qualifications up to the final certification dates shown against each qualification.

Update for 2021/22

Over summer 2021, we undertook a detailed review of our AIMVOC portfolio. Since their introduction, a clear pattern of usage of these qualifications has emerged enabling us to identify subjects and qualifications that are most valued by learners. In response to this, we are rationalising our AIMVOC offer to ensure this suite of qualifications reflects the demand.

The AIMVOCs/units affected are listed below and identified with *.

Learner registrations and certifications

Centres can register new learners on these AIMVOCs until 30 April 2022. The last date for certification of learners is 30 April 2025.

If you have an queries, please contact your Centre Lead or call us on 01332 341822 or email enquiries@aim-group.org.uk.

Withdrawn qualifications