Training and events tailored for AIM centres

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Training and events

We offer a range of specifically designed training events for our centres throughout the year.

Click on the links below for more information and to book a place.


Feedback from attendees:

"Good balance of trainer/delegate activity. Feel much more confident in writing exam questions"

"Ran very smoothly and team were very well prepared and knowledgeable in relation to discussed area"

"Really useful exercise. Need more of these meetings"

"Really enjoyed my afternoon with the team. Really good handouts"





 The role of the assessor
 Tuesday 12 May
10am - 1.00pm


EV Roadshow

Unfortunately, all physical EV Roadshows have been cancelled due to the widespread closures and restrictions on movement. 

Remote EV Roadshows continue to be available, however, you must only book these if:

  • learners' completion was unaffected by centre closures
  • you are able to provide full evidence for your learners electronically. 

If your learners are subject to a calculated assessment there will be a separate booking option emailed to you directly. 

 External Verifier (EV) Roadshows




 Roadshow  Thursday 30 April  Appointment only      Remote
 Roadshow  Saturday 30 May  Appointment only      Remote
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 3 June  Appointment only      Derby
 Roadshow CANCELLED Tuesday 09 June  Appointment only  Birmingham
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Friday 12 June  Appointment only     Wigan
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Thursday 25 June  Appointment only      Derby
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 17 June  Appointment only  Derby
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 24 June  Appointment only  Newark
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 1 July  Appointment only  Leicester
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Tuesday 7 July  Appointment only  Birmingham
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 8 July  Appointment only  Derby
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Thursday 9 July  Appointment only  Mansfield
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Tuesday 14 July  Appointment only  Nottingham
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Thursday 16 July  Appointment only  Derby
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 22 July  Appointment only  Nottingham
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Thursday 23 July  Appointment only  Derby
 Roadshow CANCELLED  Wednesday 29 July  Appointment only  Derby
 Roadshow   Tuesday 30 June  Appointment only  Remote
 Roadshow  Thursday 30 July  Appointment only  Remote
 Roadshow  Sunday 30 August  Appointment only  Remote


 Quartz portal 


 Webinar via 'gotomeeting'

 Portal training and guidance  Completed 11/11/19

The recorded webinar can be found here

 Portal training and guidance  Monday 13 July
 2.30 - 3.30pm

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 Portal training and guidance  Monday 10 August
 2.30 - 3.30pm

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 Quality assurance



 Introduction to internal quality assurance
 Thursday 21 May
 10am - 1.00pm