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MIA Management System

MIA is AIM's new organisation management system. This new system gives control back to our centres and provides them with a central hub in which they can manage a range of processes related to being an AIM centre. MIA streamlines the process for centres by taking away the need for frequent emails between both parties and puts all the need-to-know information and more into one location.

Using MIA, centres can do the following:

  • Update staff, site and system users’ information
  • Maintain organisation details
  • Communicate with AIM within the system referencing specific reports, processes, requests etc
  • Create new requests and see its progression via an update log
  • Use the ‘product library’ to view our full qualification portfolio 
  • Apply for new AIM qualifications directly on the system
  • View outstanding actions
  • View overall risk and compliance status
  • See up-coming visits and reviews
  • View interaction forms to review communication between the centre and AIM

Moving to MIA has given our centres the power over the way they work with us. Removing the need to email when contact details need changing or a new system user needs to be added; MIA provides our centres with a platform that works for them. This single-source ensures that AIM centres have all the materials and information they need to offer our qualifications and abide by our quality guidelines. MIA puts everything in one place and therefore allows for the process of being an AIM centre to feel easier and more manageable.

Registration and certificates processes remain unchanged at this time.

For more information on MIA please see our External Guidance Document.

Training dates for centres to attend and receive training on MIA can be found and booked onto below.



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Tuesday 12 October

9.30 AM - 10.30 AM

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Wednesday 20 October

12.00 PM - 1.00 PM

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Thursday 28 October

4.00 PM - 5.00 PM

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Friday 5 November

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Monday 8 November

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Tuesday 16 November

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Wednesday 24 November

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Thursday 2 December

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Friday 10 December

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Monday 13 December

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