Information for current AIM centres

Developing Qualifications

We design qualifications which are used by thousands of learners and delivered by colleges, schools, training providers, charities and community organisations across the UK and abroad. AIM Qualifications range in skill/ability level from entry level 1 to level 6. 

The process of developing a qualification begins with us talking to schools, students, employers, professional bodies, government etc, to find out what is needed. We will meet with these groups (‘stakeholders’) to agree if a new qualification is needed and the knowledge, skills, behaviours to be demonstrated.

We will work together with a group of mandated staff and stakeholders to agree what should be covered and how the learner’s progress and achievement should be measured or tested. Depending on the subject, this could be by an exam, coursework, portfolio/journal or practical activities.

Once we have put the content of a qualification together, we then work with training providers/centres, to offer the qualification to learners. We work with all kinds of training and education providers, for example:

  • Colleges of Further Education
  • Schools
  • Training providers
  • Charities and community organisations
  • International centres outside the UK

In order to deliver our qualifications, we check these providers meet certain standards so that learners have a high-quality learning experience. For example, we check that a centre’s tutors are qualified to teach the subject content of the qualifications they wish to offer.

Assessment and certification

Once all these arrangements are in place, we check that learners have met the standard set out in the qualification specification. We do this in different ways depending on how your qualification is assessed.

If you are completing a portfolio of evidence, one of our external verifiers will come and check that all the evidence is there and that it has been marked correctly before the evidence is signed off.

If you are required to sit an exam, we will be responsible for writing it, marking it, and setting the pass mark and issuing the certificate.