Frequently Asked Questions


Q  How do I gain access to the portal?

A  To gain access to the portal you will need to send a written request through to our enquiries inbox details the access you require, your full name and role you in at the centre. We will then send across your log in details along with a copy of the portal guidance for your convenience.

Q  How do I register my learners?

A  Learner registrations are submitted via the portal. User needs to ensure they are logged in as 'Administration Contact' before selecting 'Actions' and then 'Register your learners here'. Once on the 'Register your learners here' page, there is a statement at the top of the drop-downs which is 'E Registration Template - Click Here' This will then open an EXCEL spreadsheet for the centre to complete.

This spreadsheet needs to be completed and then saved on the centre's system. Once the spreadsheet is completed and saved, the drop-down can then be completed. In the first drop down the programme/course needs to be selected and then in the second drop down the qualification will need to be selected.

Once these two drop-downs have been completed the 'Continue' in the bottom right needs to be selected before the next page will open. On the next page, there will be a series of drop-downs that now need to be completed. These drop-downs include a start date and end date for the course, the site in which the course is being done at and also the Course Leader, Internal Verifier and External Verifier. Once all of these drop-downs have been completed it is time for the E Registration template to be uploaded.

At the bottom, there will be a 'Choose File' button. This is where the E Registration template needs to be selected from the centre's system. Once the centre has completed all of the drop-downs with the accurate information and has selected the correct file to upload they can then select 'submit'.

Once the centre has selected 'Submit' the registrations should go through on auto process or come through to us to process. Our Service standard for processing registrations is five working days.

Q  What is the time scale for receiving certificates?

A  Our service standards for certificates to be processed is 10 working days from the point of final verification. 

Q  Do we need to submit our staff's CVs for every qualification we apply for, as you have already had them previously?

A  Yes, with every qualification application staff CVs must be submitted with them.  We no longer keep staff CVs on file to ensure GDPR compliance.

Q  How do I find my learners log in sheet for their online examination? 

A  You need to log into the XAMS website - https://aim.xams.co.uk The login sheets for the all online exams are located on the XAMS platform next to the schedule there is a key symbol, this is the learner log in details.

Q  Where abouts is our centre's run in the process?

A  If you have administrator access on the portal, you can go to administration and then administration, then ERAC status and you can see where the run is the line. If the run is awaiting processing, please allow 10 working days. If you are still unsure, please contact us on our enquires email.

Q  Who is my account team?

A Region 1 - Midlands

Shauna Lane: shauna.lane@aim-group.org.uk - Customer experience advisor
Amanda Ibrahim: amanda.ibrahim@aim-group.org.uk - Centre Lead

Region 2/3 - North

Will Cummins: will.cummins@aim-group.org.uk - Customer experience advisor
Jenny Harvey: jenny.harvey@aim-group.org.uk - Centre lead

Region 4 - South West & Wales

Tayla Dagley: tayla.dagley@aim-group.org.uk - Customer experience advisor
Sue Benton: sue.benton@aim-group.org.uk - Centre lead

Region 5 - London and South East

Tayla Dagley: tayla.dagley@aim-group.org.uk - Customer experience advisor
Katharine Pearce: katharine.pearce@aim-group.org.uk – Centre lead

Offender Learning

Will Cummins: will.cummins@aim-group.org.uk - Customer experience advisor
Katharine Pearce: katharine.pearce@aim-group.org.uk – Centre lead


Q  How can I change my password?

A  This feature on the portal is currently not working for any password resets please contact the office.
      The office number is +44 (0)1332 341822

Q  Can I get some training on the portal?

A  Of course, webinar training happens every month.
Please sign up on the following link www.aim-group.org.uk/services/aim-qualifications/centres/training-and-events

Q  How do I apply for a qualification?

A  You do not need log in details to the portal to apply for qualifications, the process is as follows:
  • find the services in the website header and select AIM Qualifications from the dropdown
  • proceed to Qualification > Qualification search
  • choose a subject area
  • then choose a suite
  • find the qualification you would like to offer and select 'OFFER THIS QUALIFICATION'
  • proceed
  • complete the Centre Details form
  • submit

This will then be looked at by our qualification approval department and go on for approval by both the customer experience officer and centre lead. You will be notified by email when you can register against this qualification.


Q  What courses do I have approval for?

A  To gain this information you just need to log in to the portal under the administrator profile, go to resources and then reports, then go-to “Your Approved Course List” this will then load a report for you, and you can transfer to EXCEL or PDF.

Q  Where do I sign up for EV roadshow?