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Updated 6 July 2021

Our main VCRF information page explains the new regulatory framework and how our qualifications are grouped into the relevant categories.

Important Dates

Non examined assessments (coursework, portfolio etc) have no changes to the format, date or timescales for the release of results. The quality assurance process aligns with the usual approach that all claims will have a sample of evidence requested or will be through direct claims status (AIVs have been informed of their requirements in this case).

Retention of evidence

You must retain all evidence for claims involving a Teacher Assessed Grade for at least 6 months or after an appeal (whichever is later). This can be retained electronically.

Qualification Guidance Document

The qualification guidance document for the explains how these qualifications will be assessed and awarded for the 20-21 academic year.

VCRF Category B Health doc

IV Data Review Support Document

To support your data review we have provided the following report:


AIM offer a range of clinics and training sessions across qualifications. Dates and booking information for upcoming clinics can be found on the AIM website here.


You can find a range of frequently asked questions here.