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Assessment Summer 2021

The AIM L2 Certificate and L3 Certificate counselling qualifications have had their summer 2021 written examination cancelled, and in consultation with subject specialists and professional bodies, it was deemed fundamental for learner’s progression to still meet the standards/provide evidence of the knowledge that the written examination tested, via Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs).  To support centres and learners in providing this evidence, AIM have developed alternative assessments to enable learners to be assessed against the standards which were tested in the written examination. Further information on TAGs and what is required for each qualification can be found here. Please note that these AIM-devised assessments are optional; centres are permitted to provide other forms of evidence. 
These alternative assessments are now available to download from the Portal. The tasks within each assessment are mapped against the relevant component standards of the qualification. The assessment must be internally verified by the centre and externally verified by AIM. The assessment(s) does not need to be taken under controlled conditions, and the award of formal marks/grades is not required.

Reminder of submission/EV deadline dates for claims (L2 and L3 only)

For all claims (UCAS and non-UCAS), your eRACs must be uploaded to the AIM Portal by 15th June 2021 for any claims using TAGs (ie claims made against the standards that should have been assessed by the written examination/controlled task), ready for external verification. External verification will be completed by 30th June 2021. This deadline also applies to all assessments for any learners who require UCAS submission 
Any claims using non-TAGs can be uploaded and presented for external verification any time before the end of the academic year unless the claim is requiring UCAS submission (see above).