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Games Animation VFX


Sides used at the recent clinics are now available to download:


All of the GAVFX qualification suite has been designated as a calculated grade in the mitigation options. 
This means we will be using centre assessed results, taken before colleges were shut down, combined with other relevant information, to determine the most appropriate calculated result.

Centres have been asked to submit expected results for each assessment component, based on a range of evidence, this includes learner’s results from previous years as well as from formative assessment etc.

Right of appeal: Learners who do not feel their result reflects their ability will be able to complete an assessment at the next available opportunity.

All centres have been sent guidance directly regarding their registrations. Please follow the guidance in the Calculated Grade option in order to complete your claim for certification.

All external moderation will be co-ordinated centrally through AIM and not directly with EV’s. This will be taking place in June; therefore, you should have your calculated grades for all learners/assignments available and submitted by the 19 June.