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The following FAQs have been taken from the recent on-line clinics:

Q: When will students receive results?
A: Students will receive results after the Extraordinary Awards Boards have been completed (date to be confirmed). Results will be sent to the centre.

Q: Where should I send any queries?
A: Please direct any queries to enquiries@aim-group.org.uk where they will be directed to the most appropriate person to answer.

Q: Is there an appeals process?
A: There will be an appeals process available on receipt of the results. This will be published by the QAA and AIM shortly.

Q: If a learner has extenuating circumstance which takes them over 20 March 2020, what do we do?
A: If a learner is late submitting, with no extenuating circumstances agreed, (so should have been before 20 March) they are awarded a calculated grade based on the old model so capped at a pass. If an agreement is in place for an extension, taking them past 20 March, they will fall into the new calculated grades model.

Q: Do grades post 20 March 2020 go on the Gradetraka?
A: No, only up to 20 March 2020.

Q: Should we continue to set assessments?
A: There is no mandatory expectation for you to do so but it is recommended.

Q: What if an assignment was due before 20 March but was late and not submitted?
A: This unit receives a pass as a calculated grade.

Q: For January starters aiming to finish in June and start again in September, what happens with their grades up to June?
A: Only learners who will complete before 31 July 2020 will be calculated. For everyone else it’s business as usual but we are still awaiting guidance. You can adapt the program to make allowances for the current situation such as extending deadlines, changes to assessment plans, possible mapping of units. 

Q: If we carry on setting assessed work, can we continue to mark and grade?
A: Yes, if they passed, you don’t need to do formal front sheets etc but it’s good for their progression. The feedback must only be developmental and give no indication of the grade. 

Q: I still have a fair few to put on to Gradetraka. They were all completed before 20 March.
A: Gradetraka must be up to date for all work prior to the 20 March. 

Q: For Assessments in two parts, if part of the unit is before 20 March and part after 20 March, will grades be calculated and do they go on Gradetraka?
A: No, as unit completion date is after 20 March 2020.

Q: If a student cannot submit work, will they still be allowed to re-submit?
A: This is the tutor’s decision. There is no mandatory requirement to submit. Any resubmissions which fall after the 20 March can go to calculated grades.

Q: Can we mark these resubmissions if we want to?
A: Yes if you want to, it can form part of the evidence.

Q: Can we tell learners their grades after moderation?
A: Yes, students will still have their RAC sent.

Q: Is it the same for late submissions?
A: Yes, they will be capped as a pass as late if after 20 March 2020.

Q: What is the deadline date for putting old ones on that were late but done past 20 March 2020?
A: 5 June 2020.

Q: Can we put unmarked units that were done before 20 March on Gradetraka?
A: Yes

Q: What happens regarding January starters?
A: For January starters or post 31 July finishers, the guidance states that we will provide support for you, for example delay assessments etc.

Q: Could assessment plans be used as evidence?
A: Yes.

Q: Re 50% - is that of credits or assignments?
A: 50% of the units.

Q: Will statements from tutors about the performance and progression of a student also be classed as evidence? We keep little in the way of real formative assessment records?
A: Evidence will be different for all tutors, there are not set examples. 

Q: My students are happy to finish the unit, can I give developmental feedback instead of grades?
A: Yes that’s your evidence.

Q: As the awards board is normally early July, do you envisage similar or later timescales for this model?
A: Same timescales, all being built around UCAS deadlines.

Q: I just confirm that we only use one spreadsheet but all information goes on there? Also, do we put the information by unit or by student?
A: One spreadsheet per diploma. So if there are five diplomas’, you will need to submit five different sheets. Information is entered by student not unit. 

Q: When we calculate grading, are we calculating by descriptors?
A: Yes.

Q: Because we are online provider, I have a student who applied for uni in September, but had little chance of achieving full qualification. They knew this but still applied. The Uni has said they got 50% of their units covered but they havn’t as we do the learning and the assessments. They have not done 50% of their learning but we can predict the grades. They applied for the course at university before this course.
A: If they have a place for September, they can have calculated grades, but we would need to provide an explanation as to why. Because the model states that if they planned a finish date before 31 July we can’t not give them the calculated grades. 

Q: On the 50% threshold, is that included ungraded?
A: Yes.

Q: Are we putting actual and calculated units on the spreadsheet?
A: Yes.

Q: What about student references?
A: Students can expect to be given a reference from tutors directly.