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Access to HE

Updated 24 June 2020

We have been working closely with QAA to provide as much information and support to all providers to enable the award of the Access to HE Diploma under these extraordinary times. 


QAA has confirmed that this year all results for Access to HE students will be on the same day which is 13th July. This is so all students have the same timeframe to appeal where necessary.

Centres will receive a report detailing the diploma(s) offered and students for each. The report will show a breakdown of results for each student.


The deadline for appeals is 27 July meaning there is a 10 working day period for AIM to receive them. Appeals will not be accepted after this date as this is a set date implemented by QAA. Please remember, appeals to AIM can only be about the process not the results.

Details of the full appeals process can be downloaded as a PDF along with the Access to HE Appeal submission form (Word).


Certificates will be printed week commencing 3 August.  

In order for us to get reports and certificates out within these timeframes we have asked centres to provide us with the following information:
•    The email address you want us to send the result reports to. 
•    An address to send certificates to. Please note this cannot be the students address.

Below is the current timeline for moderation and certification of Access to HE learners impacted by centre closures.



2 June

Training for moderators

5 June

Deadline to receive spreadsheets

5 - 11 June

AVA internal administration

12 June

Request sent to centre for evidence

12 - 15 June

Centres send evidence to AVA

12 - 15 June

AVA internal administration

15 and 26 June


29 June


1 and 3 July

Extraordinary Awards Boards

6 July

Extraordinary Awards Boards (if needed)

6 (7) - 20 July

Input grades on to Quartz and checked

13 July

Results issued to centres

27 July

Deadline for appeals (process not result)

20 - 28 July

Preparing reports for UCAS upload

29 July

UCAS upload deadline

w/c 3 August

Certificates printed


Thank you for submitting your claims by the June 5 deadline. Our moderators are currently identifying the samples required and will be in contact shortly. We have left these forms for you to download for your records only.

Evidence coversheet

You may choose which version of the coversheet you prefer to use but please be consistent across the diploma. 

Extraordinary Internal Moderation (IM) documentation

 Supporting documentation

The supporting document has been updated to reflect changes:

Section B – amendment to page 6 formative evidence amended to formative assessment in the bullet list (as requested).
Section C – evidence coversheet – removal of ‘of’ in the final two columns of section B of the evidence coversheet.

Students completing after 31st July

Awarding the Access to HE Diploma for students completing after 31 July 2020 – tutor guide