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COVID-19 Updates

As a response to the COVID crisis all exams due to take place in schools and colleges this summer were cancelled. Ofqual was tasked with establishing two temporary regulatory frameworks – one for General Qualifications (GQs) and one for Vocational and Technical Qualifications (VTQs). These would allow awarding organisations like AIM to assign a grade to as many learners as possible this summer in a fair and consistent way, enabling those learners to progress to the next stage of their learning or employment with qualifications that would be recognised by educational establishments and employers. 

The frameworks were developed in consultation with stakeholders across the education sector on an almost unprecedented scale. 

The VTQ framework reflects that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that would fairly recognise the 14,800 VTQ qualifications offered by over 160 awarding organisations. Ofqual designed the VTQ framework deliberately to be flexible, allowing each awarding organisation to operate in the best way to deliver grades to its learners for its own qualifications. 

A statement outlining our communication of results can be downloaded here: Communication with AIM (pdf)

How we are supporting you 

Regular updates

As soon as we receive new information from our regulators we will update the following webpages and email you with details of the most important updates.

One point of contact

One point of contact – please email enquiries@aim-group.org.uk for all queries and this will be directed to the most appropriate person to respond.

On-line Clinics

All on-line clinics have now finished - we hope you found them useful. If there is a clinic or additional support you feel would be helpful, please contact the team by email:  enquiries@aim-group.org.uk

Extraordinary Regulatory Framework: Further Assessment Opportunities 

There is an opportunity for examined assessments to be resat where learners are not happy with their calculated grade.   

The resit and rescheduled exam dates are all available on our website. There have been no changes to the process for registering learners for external assessment. Please ensure you are aware of the last registration dates for these assessments. 

Further non-examined assessment can be completed within centres but will not be eligible for mitigations and should be assessed as a full evidence claim. These can be certificated via an external verification activity or direct claims status claim.

Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (EERF)

Important update to Qualification Handbooks

In line with regulatory requirements, qualifications designated with EERF in their title now include adapted assessments in the 2020-21 academic year. These adaptations can be found in the guidance document linked to the appendices within the relevant handbook. 

Qualifications that include adapted assessment have been reviewed by the team at AIM and, where appropriate, professional body guidance sought to confirm that these adaptations are acceptable. Any relevant adaptations must be approved and recorded by the Internal Verifier (or direct claims verifier) for your setting and learner demographics. The AIM External Verification team will expect to see evidence of this at EV appointments.

Plans for Vocational and Technical Qualifications

On the 22 September, a joint statement was released by Ofqual, AOC, AELP, HOLEX, FAB and JCQ relating to Vocational and Technical Qualifications. The statement can be found on the gov.uk website

We are currently working with other awarding organisations, professional bodies, regulators and subject specialists to agree the qualifications which will need adapted assessments for the 20-21 academic year. Once agreed, these will be communicated to centres with the support packages in place to ensure that centres are able to deliver the qualifications appropriately. We will continue to support centres with provider meetings, clinics and support documentation to assist with their delivery. 

In the meantime, please assist us by ensuring that your centre registrations are completed in a timely manner, this helps us ensure your centre is included in communications specific to qualifications.  

We would recommend that the components you choose  for this academic year fit with the current restrictions and you should be familiar with the rules of combinations within your qualifications.  

We will communicate further updates on this website and by emails