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External Verification (EV) and Booking form 

Updated 16/02/2021

All qualifications on the regulated qualifications framework (RQF) are required to have external verification activity. 

Centres are either allocated a named external verifier for specific qualifications or will access the in house EV team through the Roadshow EV approach.

Allocated external verifiers

Where you have a named external verifier, you can make direct contact with them to arrange your planned interactions. You should be aiming for interim reviews to check the progress and provision mid-way through the programme and then arrange a final review once the learners have completed to finalise the certification of your learners. Most centres have two to three reviews each academic year. If you do not know the name of your EV, please complete the request for external verification activity form linked below and your EV will make contact.

Please note: During COVID-19 restrictions, these are only completed remotely. Further updates on returning to face to face/physical visits will be provided as and when restrictions allow.

Roadshow EV team

To allow centres to claim and seek external verifier support as frequently as they need, we offer the Roadshow EV approach. You do not have a named external verifier as you are allocated to the person with availability most suited to your request each time however where possible we do try and direct it to the same external verifier. You can arrange for interim external verification where you can access support and progress reviews on your provision, or you can arrange for final certification activity. We would recommend that you fully utilise both offers to ensure a timely and seamless route through to certification.

To arrange for external verification in the Roadshow EV team, please complete the request for external verification activity form linked below. For any further details on external verification please email roadshowev@aim-group.org.uk.

Please note: During COVID-19 restrictions, we are only able to offer remote external verification activity. Previously, EV Roadshows were also available at a range of venues across the country and you could book to see an external verifier for a set time slot and have your learner evidence reviewed. Further updates on these will be provided as and when restrictions allow.

To request an external verification activity please complete the EV activity booking form linked below and the team will contact you to confirm the date or you  may be offered an alternative date based on staff availability.

EV activity booking form