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External Quality Assurance (EQA)

Updated 16/02/21

At AIM, all non-examined assessment is subject to some form of external quality assurance.

Access to HE qualifications are regulated by QAA. These qualifications are subject to Initial interactions conducted by Centre Leads and then followed by Interim and Final Moderation. Once this process is complete, an awards board can be arranged to certify all learners.

The remaining regulated qualifications framework (RQF) qualifications in this section of the website are regulated by Ofqual and are subject to either external verification (EV) activity or direct claims monitoring activity (DCS) including the Centre Assessed Standards Scrutiny (CASS).

Without external quality assurance taking place, you will not be able to claim certification for your learners.


For more information on how EQA will effect you, please click the below links: