Who is it for?

Group of people

There is no minimum age requirement for the exams. The young learner levels are taken by children as young as four years old. Students can enter at the level of study they or their teacher considers appropriate. There is an Anglia placement test to help determine which level of examination is most appropriate. The upper levels and Business English exams are taken by students and adults who plan to continue their studies at an English university / college or to improve their career prospects.

Getting into university

Our top four levels have been Ofqual accredited and are recognised and accepted by institutions around the world. However, many institutions require certificated evidence of all four skills as an entry requirement. Therefore, candidates wishing to use their Anglia certificate for academic progression are advised to take the speaking component.

Anglia Examinations higher levels are now included on the ‘Table of Certificates accepted by ACLES’. 
ACLES, Asociación de Centros de Lenguas en la Enseñanza Superior, works in partnership with 50 universities in Spain. 

We advise all learners to check the specific entry requirements for their chosen course/university.