STEPS: First Steps, Junior, PrimaryPreliminary

These levels take the student from beginner to A1 on the CEFR. Children as young as four years old can begin here. We acknowledge that at the very beginning of the learning process a candidate will probably recognise far more than he/she can actively produce, so we begin by testing understanding in ways other than writing full words or sentences, and we only gradually introduce a little more active production step-by-step.

STEPS: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate

These middle levels take the student from A2 to A2+ to a clear B1 on the CEFR. For many students this is the most difficult stage of the learning process but, by testing a few more of the building blocks of the language and asking for a little more active production at each level, we can motivate the candidate with clear achievable goals, leaving them not only confident at each stage but also ready to move on to the higher levels.

STEPS: Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency, Masters

The higher levels take the student from a very capable B2 to a proficient C1 and for some, an expert C2 on the CEFR. The format of the tests remain familiar but step-by-step the testing of specific new structures takes second place to the testing of language production and the range and scope of the student’s English competence.

All four qualifications have been Ofqual accredited through AIM Qualifications and are recognised and accepted by institutions around the world. All centres delivering the qualifications will be approved by both AIM and Anglia Examinations and the quality assurance process for the qualifications is undertaken by both parties.