Frequently asked questions.

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Q: Who can take an Anglia exam?
A: Anyone who wants to learn English can take an Anglia exam. There is no age limit for candidates. You can enter at the level of study you or your teacher considers appropriate.

Q: Where can an Anglia exam be taken?
A: Contact your local Anglia representative to find out where you can take an exam. For more information visit the Anglia worldwide website.

Q: What are the benefits of having an Anglia qualification?
A: Students study to gain an Anglia qualification for many reasons. Some universities will accept Anglia Proficiency if you want to study in the UK. Employers often like to see that a person has successfully studied a course in English. Others will take an exam just because they enjoy studying, and want to improve their English.

Q: How long are Anglia qualifications valid for?
A: Anglia qualifications are valid for the rest of your life. However, as with all qualifications, the longer ago you took it, the greater chance there is that an employer or institution will ask you to reconfirm your skills to their satisfaction.

Q: Can I use my Anglia exam to get to university?
A: The number of universities which accept an Anglia certificate is growing all the time. Since 2014, the top four levels have been Ofqual accredited through AIM. However, applications are often considered on a case-by-case basis. We always advise candidates to check with the specific institution, who will give clear guidelines on the necessary entry requirements. For a list of universities see the Anglia website

Q: Are Anglia exams suitable for candidates of any age and culture?
A: There is no age limit for candidates. Students will enter at the level of study they or their teacher considers appropriate. There is an Anglia placement test to help determine which level of examination is most appropriate. Anglia exams are taken in over 20 countries across three continents. They are written only to test English comprehension and candidates from any background should feel comfortable taking one. See the Anglia website for more information.

Q: Do candidates have to take every language skill (reading, writing, listening & speaking)?
A: It depends what you want to use the qualifications for. Your certificate will declare which skills you have taken examinations in. Some centres offer the possibility of optional elements at some levels.

Q: Can a candidate with a physical/learning difficulty take an Anglia exam?
A: Anglia Examinations will make provisions to help candidates with special needs. These depend on the requirements. For further information contact Anglia at

Q: How are the exams marked?
A: Once the exams have been taken they are sent back to England, where they will be marked by a team of experienced examiners. For further information contact Anglia at

Q: How many hours of study must candidates do to pass their exam?
A: There are no minimum required hours of study to take an Anglia exam. However in order to achieve best results, please refer to the Fact File on each STEP web page for recommended hours for each level. This is based on the Common European Framework. These hours may vary depending on your every day contact with English.

Q: Is there ongoing support for teachers?
A: Yes. Anglia provide support for teachers on a local basis. This support includes local networking, member/ teacher meetings, teacher training, news and information updates, annual gatherings, and presentations by Anglia examiners from the UK. Please contact your local Anglia representative to find out more.

Q: Is there a syllabus available for the exams?
A: Yes. The Teacher's Handbook is available.

Q: What is a C.I.T.E. test?
A:  C.I.T.E. is Anglia Examinations' Certificate for International Teachers of English. It is designed to give competent teachers of English, who may or may not have any other English teaching qualifications, a chance to obtain international recognition for their language skills, knowledge and experience. For further information see Anglia's website or contact Anglia at

Q: Is there a minimum age required to take the C.I.T.E. test?
A: There are no minimum age requirements or formal entry qualifications needed for the C.I.T.E. test. It can be taken by teachers who are currently teaching English, or students who are planning to teach the language, and have gained knowledge of classroom language and practice through study.