End-point assessments for the creative and cultural industries

Live Event Technician EPA

The Live Event Technician EPA is the end-point assessment for this level 3 standard. Live Event Technicians prepare and set-up technical equipment for events such as concerts, festivals and theatrical performances through to exhibitions, conferences, product launches and showcases. Ultimately specialising in sound, lighting or video, Live Event Technicians will carry out routine and one-off technical preparation and set-up of equipment for events.

Live Event Technicians must have knowledge of the equipment used and the skills needed to store, pick, maintain, transport and build components into a functioning system as well as operate these systems. These professionals work as part of a team that turns a venue into a functioning event environment before returning the site to its original state, often within a short time frame.

Outside the event environment, Live Event Technicians are responsible for the control, servicing, repair and storage of complex technical equipment. In any context working safely and ethically is paramount and many projects are carried out in fast moving, dynamic workplaces.

The occupation requires employees to work both individually and as part of a production team. They will be able to work with minimum supervision, taking responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the work that is undertaken. They will be proactive in finding solutions to problems and identifying areas for improving processes. The nature of this role requires that candidates are physically fit and comfortable working at height.

The skills and knowledge acquired can lead to a variety of roles from on site Technician to in-house Project Manager, and potentially on to the Account Managers & Production Managers of the future.

Gateway requirements

  • the apprentice is working at or above the occupational standard
  • apprentices must have achieved English and mathematics at Level 21

Assessment Methods

  • Observation with questions
  • Interview underpinned by a portfolio of evidence

More Information

Find out more on the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education website.

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