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AIM Qualifications Entry Level 2 Diploma in Independent Living
Ref: 600/5920/5
Level Entry Level 2 GLH 370 TQT 370 Age range 16+ Cost £81

Ref: 600/5920/5


Registration End Date: 30/09/2023

Certification End Date: 30/09/2026

About this qualification

This qualification is being withdrawn. The qualification will close for registrations on 30/09/2023. Learners will still have until 30/09/2026 to certificate.

The qualification is designed to meet the requirements of the Foundation Learning Independent Living Strand by providing a basis for lifelong learning focusing on transferable social and life skills which are essential for living and working in the community.

Objectives of the qualification

The qualification ensures that all learners are given the same opportunities to access appropriate and relevant education and to improve their life chances.

Why choose this qualification

The qualification has been developed in collaboration with providers of education for learners with a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities as well as professionals in the field.

They recognise the benefit of acknowledging and celebrating the real achievements of those learners in areas that have often been neglected.

Included units

See the Qualification Specification for more details.

Additional Info

See the Qualification Specification for more details.