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We're in the North-East

Make it Count with AIM Qualifications!

What brings us up North?

The latest Government statistics show that North East England is one of the UK’s fastest growing economies. The region’s IT and digital sectors are estimated to be worth £2bn to the local economy and innovators such as FTSE 100 management accountancy firm, Sage, calling the North East of England 'home' in a buzzing digital sector.

AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group boasts a huge portfolio of regulated and non-regulated products and services that align with skills requirements across the North East of England. We have a dedicated Nort East project team working with employers, training providers and colleges and have an established office in Billingham. We are committed to enhancing the education and training landscape across this exciting region and we are keen to help you to attract new learners, and to recognise the skills and training of your workforce.


We will give you a list of our most popular qualifications – those currently being delivered by your competitors.

AIM Qualifications are different.


  • have no minimum learner numbers 
  • have portfolio-based assessments so attract wider groups of learners 
  • are regulated by Ofqual 
  • are developed and recognised by industry  
  • are competitively priced 
  • are in demand by learners 
  • are competitively priced 

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