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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Create inclusive learning environments with AIM Qualification's SEND qualifications.

Learners who have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) make up almost one in five (17%) of the FE student population (The Education & Training Foundation). To ensure these learners receive the quality of education they deserve, those working in the FE industry must have the essential knowledge and skills to be able to work with this group of young people.

What are SEND Qualifications?

SEND Qualifications focus on educating the learner on the best practices for working with individuals with special educational needs and disabilities, enabling them to provide the best learning experience for the individual. 

What are the progression routes from a SEND Qualification?

These qualifications are developed in conjunction with industry practitioners to meet the needs of employers in the sector, being suitable for those looking for a career in or already working in the education industry, or someone who wants to develop a good understanding of working with children or young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Why AIM's SEND Qualifications?

Learn more about the rising demand for SEND support in education by reading our blog.

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