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AIM's centre network

Centres delivering AIM Counselling qualifications

Counsellor and clientAIM works with a national network of over 25 centres delivering AIM counselling qualifications.

These centres have been fully verified and approved to ensure they meet AIM’s stringent criteria for delivering these exceptional qualifications, thus meeting the high standards of BACP and NCS membership registration. 

AIM centres benefit from

Dedicated support

AIM is known for its excellent customer support with named contacts and an expert team on-hand to provide advice and guidance. AIM provides:

  • Moderators and examiners with subject specific knowledge and experience
  • Responsive, friendly, named, customer experience advisers
  • A dedicated Centre Lead to monitor your organisation’s quality assurance systems to ensure compliance

Unique support materials

AIM centres are able to use our unique assessment materials which are ready-made for immediate use. However, they can still be contextualised. This saves centres time and effort whilst maintaining flexibility.

“I have found the course so far to be informative, engaging and useful in developing and evolving my counselling skills. The material and theory discussed is wide ranging and both historical and current, and we have interesting discussions as a class on topics such as oppression, anxiety, grief and many more.

Doing the triad practices, learning to work as a listener, speaker and observer has developed my confidence as a practitioner, and the feedback from our tutor has helped to notice the parts of my practice I want to work on.

Writing the weekly reflective logs allows me to consider my learning experiences, my own history and context and how this might impact my future practice, and what I want to offer as a counsellor.

I have found our tutor’s own experience as a counsellor and youth worker particularly engaging and inspiring. The course transitioned from in person to online as a result of the pandemic and I felt supported throughout this process as a student, and have found the quality of the teaching has been sustained. When I felt unsure in my practice, a 1-1 tutorial was instrumental in keeping me moving forward and ensured I was able to pass my observation.

I am overall very pleased with how the course has helped develop my skills and knowledge, improved my current professional practice and enabled me to move closer to my eventual ambition of qualifying as a counselling psychologist”.

Rosie Bower-Kail
AIM Qualifications Level 3 Certificate in Counselling
Ruskin College - Tutor Balgeet Gill

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