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Why AIM?

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A Not all Access Validating Agencies (AVAs) are the same!

At AIM we offer: 

Flexibility in assessment

Unlike many other AVAs, AIM does not mandate the number of assignments or the assessment methods used to assess learners. This means you can choose to use, for example, a 3,000-word assessment or a professional discussion. It just needs to meet the assessment criteria.

In a unit specification we do not mandate the number of assessments. Centres can decide whether one or more assignments are needed. This creates the opportunity for tutors to be innovative and use holistic and smart assessment.

Flexible moderation model

  • our Centre Leads will work with centres to adopt a diploma/subject moderation model which suits them best.

  • remote moderation may be undertaken (by agreement). 

  • we moderate on a random sample of work so centres don’t have to spend time collecting and sending all learner work.


All AIM centres have free use of our web-based grade tracking system. Tutors can input their unit grades and email them directly to the student whenever they like. GradeTraka will inform the student of their grades and UCAS points so they can check if they are on track to achieve. At certification time, the RACs (Recommendation of Award of Credits) are generated from GradeTraka which reduces time.


“Thank you - it is a thing of beauty - really easy to use and will save so much time at the end of the year.”
Julia Hayes, South Leicestershire College