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AIM Portals


There are many features to Quartz including:

  • register new learners
  • select units
  • generate eRACs
  • claim for learners
  • schedule exams and end assessments
  • download e-certification
  • view the progress of Runs
  • verify ERACs
  • generate reports such as awards made between two dates
  • view and download Centre Reviewer (CR) and Curriculum Area Moderator (CAM) reports 
  • manage centre site and staff contact information 

To access Quartz you will need to send us an email detailing the access you require, your full name and role you and your centre name. 

To access Quartz portal, please use this link.


XAMS is our external online examination platform. Here you can:

  • to download learner logs in sheets and attendance sheets
  • to view learner’s post-exam results 

To access XAMS, please use this link:

Read our user guide


GradeTraka is used by AIM Centres offering Access to HE Diplomas.

GradeTraka allows these centres to:

  • tracking Access to HE learners' progression
  • accessing grade profiles throughout the academic year
  • exporting grade profile information ready for the final awards board
  • inputting learner grades throughout the year
  • adding, amending or viewing the grades learners have achieved against their units.
  • generating learner progress summary reports suitable for tutorials or sending to learners
  • monitoring student UCAS points

Access the Gradetraka with this link:


If you have forgotten your login details or have any problems accessing the portals, please email our cutomer experience advisers.

Also see our FAQs