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AIM offers e-certification for some qualifications, where learner’s certificates of achievement can be downloaded directly from Quartz Portal.

To download e-certificates: 

  • Click ‘Actions’, then ‘Your Runs’ 
  • Find the relevant run and select the Run ID 
  • Select the relevant learners for e-certification in the learner registration menu, using the tick boxes to the left 
  • Expand the e-certificate menu  
  • Enter and make note of encryption password of your choice. (This is not set by AIM) 
  • A ‘zip’ file will be created containing all the certificates you’ve requested (encrypted with the password you’ve chosen). NB: Your browser will prompt you to save the file. 

You can then print the certificate or send it electronically to the learner.

Certificate verification

Centres and learners can verifiy the authenticity of their AIM Qualification certificates via our Quartz portal.

Replacement certificates

To apply for a replacement certificate please complete our 'Replacement Certificate Centre Request Form'. More information can be found in the Certification Policy on our Policies and Procedures page.

Please note: If the details do not match the information held on our database we may not be able to supply a replacement. 

Our service standards for certificates to be processed is ten working days from the point of final verification.

Historical information

AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group prior to 2022 was also formerly known as:

  • AIM Awards
  • Leicestershire Open College Network
  • North East Midlands Open College Network
  • Open College Network South East Midlands
  • Open College Network East Midlands Region
  • Open College Network West Midlands
  • Open College Network Central England – covered Coventry and surrounding areas
  • Open College Network North West Midlands – covered Stoke and surrounding areas
  • Open College Network West Midlands – covered Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

We cannot provide replacement certificates for learning that took place prior to the Open College Networks becoming computerised, which happened during the years 1997, 1998, 1999 in the different areas. We have limited information prior to this time and where we can provide results, a confirmation letter will be supplied, the same charge applies for this information.