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Customised Training and Certification with AIM's Bespoke Accreditation Service

For organisations using, or wanting to create, specialised training programs tailored to their unique needs, AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group offers a cutting-edge Bespoke Accreditation service.

AIM's Bespoke Accreditation allows employers to develop fully customised training courses that meet nationally recognised standards. Whether updating existing curricula or creating new programs from scratch, AIM works closely with employers to design accredited courses covering any industry sector or subject area. 

"Our accreditation process ensures the courses remain bespoke, flexible, and crucially unique to each organisation, delivered in their own style," said Fabienne Bailey Director of Business Growth and Transformation at AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group. "We provide nationally recognised external validation of the quality of the training programs." 

One organisation realising these advantages is the CNTW NHS Trust Academy Accredited Learning Centre, which partners with AIM to offer healthcare training courses from Levels 3 to 7 with 20-30 credits each. Their bespoke provision allows for the design, delivery and assessment of role-specific and workforce training for all NHS staff roles. 

"The courses are of the highest quality, with flexible learning for busy professionals to ensure continuous development and excellent, evidence-based patient care," said Professor Sheila McQueen from the CNTW NHS Trust Academy Accredited Learning Centre. "AIM's accreditation services support our comprehensive portfolio serving niche mental health, learning disabilities, and older people's services." 

Last year, CNTW was named AIM's Bespoke Accreditation Centre of the Year for their extensive accredited programs tailored to NHS workforce needs. 

"AIM's flexible, bespoke service supports continuous professional development tailored to our niche healthcare roles," said Prof. McQueen, "their accreditation validates our excellent, evidence-based training." 

Find out more 

Organisations interested in customised, nationally accredited training can learn more about AIM's Bespoke Accreditation at the upcoming 15th NHS Healthcare Workforce Conference on the 4th July in London, when both Fabienne and Shiela will be attending. 

Alternatively see our webpage about Bespoke Accreditation.

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