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Flexi-job apprenticeships

Flexi-job apprenticeships ensure that sectors where short-term contracts or other non-standard employment models are the norm, can access the benefits of apprenticeships. They are available to employers and apprentices in two ways:

  1. Through a flexi-job apprenticeship agency: Where an agency employs the apprentice directly for the duration of their apprenticeship but arranges placements for the apprentice with host businesses.
  2. Without an agency: Where the apprentice is able to secure multiple short employment contracts directly with businesses that support the requirements of the apprenticeship. Supported by their training provider, the apprentice takes their learning and progress with them as they move between employment contracts (perhaps with a gap between each) and change employers. This model is often described as a ‘portable flexi-job apprenticeship’.

New partnership

AIM Assessment has recently partnered with a new flexi-job apprenticeship agency, ‘Power Up Agency’ (a Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce project) who are specialists in supporting the creative and cultural sectors. The agency, which is backed by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), The Arts Council and Greater Manchester Combined Authority, looks to support and overcome the barriers that some organisations have when thinking about apprenticeships. The project is being launched in three pilot areas (the Northwest, Northeast and Yorkshire) and will employ apprentices, and find employers to provide placements. Host employers will provide the apprentice with a mentor and the opportunity to learn skills on the job. The agency will brief the host employer on the kind of learning experience the apprentice needs and will facilitate and support the employer and apprentice throughout the placement.

  • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce will act as the agency and will employ the apprentices, hosting them with various employers for the duration of the 18-month apprenticeship
  • The agency will match the apprentice with employers
  • The host employer will provide a minimum of 6-month placement 
  • Employers and apprentices will receive one-to-one support throughout the apprenticeship and apprentices will have access to the best funded training through Bauer Media

Find out more

If you are interested in find out more about flexi-job apprenticeships or the work of Power UP Agency, please contact Kira Dyer or register your interest on the Power Up Agency website

Download the leaflet







The Power Up Agency project team will be in the Northeast on the 10th and 11th May 2023, please get in touch with Kira for details.

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