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Corporate members of Association of Apprentices

We are pleased to announce our corporate membership with the Association of Apprentices.

This is great news for AIM apprentices who can now get free access to a range of resources including:

  • Apprentice-led online community
    Where like-minded and diverse groups of apprentices from across the UK come together to connect with their peers and share best practice and advice via a bespoke social networking platform.
  • Personal development 
    Via a skills platform with access to resources to help increase your apprentice’s employability, knowledge, and soft skills through free eLearning modules such as building confidence, business communication, Excel and presentation skills.
  • Live events
    Such as masterclasses, talks from industry experts and member networking events.
  • News
    Including the latest developments from the industry.

Free membership for AIM apprentices

To unlock access to all the above membership services, AIM apprentices simply need to sign up here. It is completely free of charge and their account will be linked directly with us.

Pass on the good news to your apprentices!

Employers and training providers currently working with AIM standards can download a leaflet to send to their apprentices.

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact our EPA team by calling 01332 224654 or e-mailing

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