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Seasons Greetings from Group CEO

2022 has been a momentous year for the AIM Group and we are delighted to have merged with Open College Network West Midlands. The merger is already creating new opportunities for learners through an expansive qualification portfolio, end-point assessment (EPA) operation and two Access Validating Agency licences (AIM Access and Open College Network West Midlands Access).

The team at AIM understand that the climate our centres operate in is tough. Looking ahead this is a time to be optimistic but it is also a moment to reflect and be thankful for the dedicated work our centres do to help learners of all ages progress in their lives.

AIM empowers futures

Our products and services create opportunity for learners to increase earning potential and improve quality of life. The cost of living crisis facing the nation requires practical steps and the services our centres provide are important components in a national drive to tackle inequality and facilitating equity across communities and workplaces. AIM qualifications and apprenticeships play a key part in the levelling up agenda by directly addressing a range of national and international skills-based priorities.

2022 Highlights

There have been many highlights in 2022 but above everything else, I have been inspired by the people I work with. I couldn’t be prouder of the team at AIM for their unwavering commitment to supporting our centres and learners. The AIM team includes a large highly skilled team of associates who support the quality assurance of our qualifications, the assessment of our apprentices and the ongoing development of AIM services.


Following the merger, we are now working with over 822 providers, including 72 specialising in delivering AIM apprenticeships. We have welcomed over 90 new centres in the last three months alone and expanded our EPA provision with the introduction of six new standards. We are now approved to deliver EPAs for 29 standards and have exciting expansion plans for 2023. The team and I are determined that we maximise the opportunities of our increased scale but that we always remain an organisation that focuses on collaboration, support and quality.

Thank you to my colleagues, our board, our centres and everyone else for the work you do to deliver for learners.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

Here’s to AIMing high in 2023!

Kevern Kerswell
Group Chief Executive Officer

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