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Ensure the Well-Being of your Viewers with AIM's New Spectator Safety Qualification

A lot of people act in crowds in ways that they wouldn't act on the street by themselves, and this mentality can lead to disastrous situations if not kept in check by experienced spectator safety professionals. We saw most recently at the Champions League final in Paris how dangerously misguided decisions on crowd control can put the lives of innocent football fans at risk. And the chaotic scenes at Wembley a year ago show what can happen when those responsible for keeping people safe are caught out by the scale of an occasion, with a lack of preparation and foresight allowing a small minority of people to put supporters under threat.

Our new AIM Qualifications Level 2 Certificate in Spectator Safety is designed to prepare stewarding professionals for a range of tasks and situations that may arise during a live event, including:

  • preparing for spectator events 
  • assisting with the movement of spectators 
  • dealing with crowd issues at events 
  • managing and resolving conflicts 
  • dealing with incidents at spectator events 
  • supporting the work of the team and organisation 

The qualification is available to all AIM Centres and can be offered to anyone working, or wishing to work, as a safety steward at live spectator events, including a variety of sporting or musical events, parades or carnivals.

Download the qualification specification today to learn more about the qualifications and its units before applying to offer the qualification as an existing AIM Centre via MIA or as a new AIM Centre on our website or by telephone at +44 (0)1332 341822.

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