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Are vocational qualifications the new next step?

According to a survey for the Social Market Foundation and Further Education Trust for Leadership, more people would prefer their child to take a vocational qualification than attend university.

The survey, conducted by the Department for Education, found that 48% of parents would favour a technical education path for their child such as an apprenticeship or vocational qualifications upon their departure from school. Whereas 37% of parents would prefer their child to continue along an academic path such as university.

What makes this more interesting is that 45% of graduates surveyed said that they would not opt to attend university if they were given the chance again. With 33% of the sample stating that they wish they'd taken a vocational course instead.

As many industries try to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic and the favour now leaning toward vocational qualifications, could we be seeing a new era within the education sector?

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