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Call for employers to join an employer-led external quality assurance of apprenticeships

As specialist EPAO for creative industries, AIM is delighted that our end-point assessments for screen apprenticeships are now to be overseen by industry itself, completing the loop which starts with employers creating the Standards. NSAR and Screenskills looking for industry board members.

NSAR (The National Skills Academy) is supporting employers from the screen sector to lead on the external quality assurance of the end-point assessments of apprenticeships. NSAR already delivers this service to the rail, digital and logistics sectors and, on the basis of their track record, have been approved by the Institute for Apprentices and Technical Education (IfATE) to take over responsibility for the screen sector, at the employers’ request and with the support of ScreenSkills. 

They are establishing an employer-led board (the ScreenSkills Apprenticeship Quality Board) to lead this work, with NSAR's support, and are seeking employers who are interested in applying to express an interest. The Board will be critical to the success of the External Quality Assurance (EQA) service and will oversee and guide the quality assurance work NSAR. They are looking for employers with a real interest in high-quality apprenticeship training and assessment to become members of the Board, helping take this work forward.

External Quality Assurance (EQA) service
EQA of apprenticeships is a key feature of the apprenticeship reforms because it assures apprentices are being fairly assessed when they take their end-point assessment, and it completes the quality loop which starts with employers creating the initial apprenticeship standards, through to delivery and ending with end-point assessment. The employer-led approach is a key means of ensuring employers maintain an oversight of the quality of apprentice assessment outcomes. This Board will do important work in externally quality assuring the end-point assessment marketplace, initially for the seven screen apprenticeship standards which have been approved and published by IfATE:

The Board will assume responsibility for other screen standards as they approved. This work ensures that, regardless of the end-point assessment organisation chosen or the assessor encountered, the apprentice and their employer can be confident that the assessment outcomes will be the same.

This opportunity offers the chance to:

  • Help ensure the quality of apprenticeships in the screen sector
  • Undertake a high-profile role, with the opportunity to make an impact on the future talent in the sector
  • Work with others in the sector to ensure employers remain in key roles in the apprenticeship reforms
  • Gain insight and in-depth understanding of the impact of apprenticeship reforms in the sector

Further information

If you would like to consider becoming a member of the Board to support employer-led external quality assurance of apprenticeships in the  screen industries, please contact for more information including how to apply.

More information can be found by downloading an information sheet.

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