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AIMVOCs in Transport and Logistics

The AIM Awards Suite of Skills for Working in Transport and Logistics Industries (AIMVOCs) Qualifications provide opportunities for learners to develop their skills and knowledge to enable them to start or build on a career in a range of transport and logistics industries. These qualifications have been developed in conjunction with employers, training providers and subject matter experts.

The qualifications are available from Entry 1 – Level 2 and introduce learners to the concept of transport and logistics and some of the general practices that are important in every part of the working environment. Topics include stock control, sustainability, the transportation of goods and the environmental impact of transport and logistic operations.

Developing Employability Skills

The qualifications present centres with an opportunity to combine (subject to rules of combination criteria) components focused on developing employability skills. These skills are aimed at meeting the expectations of employers and are transferable form one operational role to another.

The qualifications will be available from 1st August 2018 and may be eligible for public funding. Take a look at the EFA section for further details for 16-18 learners and the SFA section details further information for 19+ learners.

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