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AIM Awards Welcomes Learners Across Latin America and Iberia

AIM Awards is pleased to welcome the Anglia Ibero-American Network as a new international centre for the full range of our ESOL International qualifications.

The Network was established in Argentina in 1995 and since then has expanded to other countries with an ever-increasing number of candidates sitting English language exams year after year. The network now includes members in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela in Latin America as well as Portugal and Spain in Europe. All these countries have direct links to the Central Exams Office in Buenos Aires.

AIM Awards Director of Business, Ben Rockliffe, visited the Ibero-American Network headquarters in Buenos Aires where he was able to see the team’s enthusiasm and high standards first hand. He says:

We are really excited about working with Chris, Monica and the team here at the Ibero-American Network. We are looking forward to recognising the achievement of learners across Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula with AIM Awards ESOL qualifications for the first time. The certificate individuals are awarded will have real value to them in securing places in higher education and employment. AIM Awards is now truly a global brand as our certificates are awarded across the globe

Chris Kunz from the Ibero-American Network, is equally enthusiastic about the new partnership:

As Director of Anglia in 15 countries, I am extremely happy to say AIM Awards could not have jumped on board the assessment of English boat with Anglia Exams at a better time than this. To us all within the Network, the need to offer Ofqual accredited qualifications is growing by the minute and the number of exam registrations in every one of our countries steadily increasing year after year. Having met Ben and the rest of the team first in the UK and later on during Ben’s visit to Buenos Aires, I can only thank AIM Awards for their excellent commitment to this new venture and world-class professionalism! Looking forward to a very long-standing relationship.

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