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A day in the life of a Customer Experience Officer: Tayla Dagley

Hello, my name is Tayla Dagley, I am a Customer Experience Advisor (CEA) at AIM Qualification and Assessment Group. I’ve worked at AIM for three years which has gone so fast. I love my tropical holidays which, at the moment, have been put on hold, but I’m looking forward to booking somewhere exciting next year. This is my Day In The Life, and I hope from this, you get to know me and my role, a little more.

7.30am –  My morning routine begins, and I head to the kitchen to have breakfast. Lately, it’s been protein cereal and a glass of orange; I’m trying to stay as healthy as I can. But I do admit the cereal does come with chocolate drops in it. I try….

8.00am – After breakfast, I sit down and take some time to write in “the happiest gratitude journal”. I write three things that I am grateful for that day, most of the time they are the same things like seeing my family, going for a walk, having good employment etc… It’s my quiet time and it puts me in a better frame of mind ready for the day.

9.00am –  It’s time to start work. I start my day by checking emails and ensuring they have either been responded to or have been marked for attention by another team member, if not I mark them for myself. On a normal day, we get a range of enquiries from password resets to more complicated certification enquiries. I take my time to ensure that any open enquiries are dealt with by either completing the work myself or handing it to another member of the Customer Experience Team (Will and Shauna).

11.00am – During the pandemic, all members of the AIM team have been working from home, however as we need to print learner certificates, members of the CEA team have been able to go into the office. Today I’m working from home so most of my workload will be responding to emails and helping to process claims and registrations. However, if I were in the office, I would be printing and posting learner certificates and ensuring that email and mobile enquiries are being dealt with.

12.30pm –  IT’S LUNCHTIME!, I normally spend some time speaking to colleagues either over Teams or face to face, (if I’m in the office). Today I caught up with Shauna whilst munching my way through a healthy sandwich. I’m trying to keep away from any junk food.

1.00pm –  As an organisation, we are really keen to ensure that our centres receive regular training and updates. Today I’m creating new content for our video guides which will go on our website. I feel incredibly passionate about training and love incorporating this into my working day whenever I can. Today’s video focusses on “How to Create a Direct Entry Claim”.

Creating videos takes a lot more work than someone might think. First, I create a script as this helps me to get all the steps and words onto paper so that my presentations flows better. Then I set up my computer to record - ensuring that no personal or sensitive files are visible. Then I click “record”  and off I go. Depending on the kind of day I’m having, this can be a very quick ‘one shoot’ process or could take a few attempts. The video is then sent to our marketing team and uploaded onto our YouTube channel and website for our centres to use.

5.00pm – The workday is officially over and it’s time to relax. I take some time to unwind by listening to music and get started on cooking my tea. The rest of my evening includes facetime with my friends, we talk about what has happened in the day and just general chit chat. Then just before bed I like to watch some TV, I have just finished flight attendant on Sky which is definitely worth a watch!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my day and that it gives you a little bit of an insight into the role of a customer experience advisor within AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group. Our number one priority is our centres and everything we do in a day is to ensure we’re providing them with the best customer experience.

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