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AIM Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you to everyone that helped us in finding the Easter Bunny's hidden eggs and donating to our COVID Ward Easter fund. Our team have now looked on every page of our website and found that 15 eggs had been hidden by the mischievous bunny. 

Although we have removed the eggs hidden across our website we always need to be vigilant in case the bunny, or any of his festive friends, strike again. Below we have included the following information to help in the future:

  • where these images are on the website
  • the tampered images
  • locations of the eggs

All donations will be going towards buying some sweet treats for the staff working on the COVID wards at The Royal Derby Hospital.

Meet the team page

Egg Locations

  • (Top left image) Behind Tayla's ear
  • (Top right image) Behind the chair to the left of Sam
  • (Bottom right image) Over Will's right shoulder

Access to HE Testimonials page

Egg Locations

  • In the student on the left's notebook
  • Behind the students on the right

Training and Events page

Egg Locations

  • On the back of the laptop

End-Point Assessment page

Egg Locations

  • Underneath the monitor on the right
  • On the apprentice's coffee cup

EPA Providers page

Egg Locations

  • On top of the pencil
  • In the learner's hands

eLearning page

Egg Locations

  • Behind the book on the left
  • Behind the computer icon on the screen

Step-To page

Egg Locations

  • Behind everyone
  • In the bottom left corner

International Support Page

Egg Locations

  • In the bottom left corner on the back of the Spanish flag 

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