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International Day of Happiness

March 2021 marks one year since a majority of the AIM team started to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over this time the world and our lives have all changed dramatically in ways both similar and different. However, over the past year, I believe there has always been at least one thing that has made us happy in the moment, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem to others, in that moment when you might need just a small pick up, something could or did make you happy.

To celebrate this year's International Day of Happiness, we asked our team to tell us something that made them happy inside and outside of work. Although some people could only think of one answer, we're still thrilled to know that our team and colleagues have found some positive within this strange year.

Linda Wyatt
"What made me happy at work were the lovely messages from staff after I had written cards thanking them for all they had done for us during this difficult period and knowing that I had made them feel valued."

"Outside of work, my happiness came from losing weight because daily walks have become a very enjoyable hobby and one that has led us to get a new puppy, a source of great joy and comfort."

Sue Benton
"The comradery and overall approach taken by the AIM family (including centres), has kept me happy at work. Smiling and supportive, always someone to listen if needed. Our approach to customers over the pandemic has made me extremely happy, we continue to show ourselves as the caring AO."

As for outside of work, Sue used the fact that "A picture says a thousand words" and put together this collage.

Conner Thornewill
"Inside of work I’ve enjoyed looking through data – sounds exciting I know, but to me, it’s just what I’ve needed to take my mind off things."

"Over the past year, I have started to move from just baking into becoming a more all-round cooking/baking supreme (Pre-orders for my cookbook open soon)."

Jill Minter
"Sharing the sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery with my best friends."

Sophie Deslandes
"I've absolutely loved having weekly team meetings, I have felt so supported by my team during these weird times. Both Nat and Jenner always bring a smile to my face! (Also Andy's video yesterday singing I will survive made me laugh)"

"My outside happiness came from finding out that my sister-in-law is expecting! It's the most exciting thing!"

Rachael Tweddle

"My home happiness is my little girls and I think getting outside for a walk has kept us all sane and happy ."

"My AIM happiness has been everyone’s support shown through the home-schooling times because it’s been a real challenge and it’s been great to have colleagues that really care ."

Andy Coxon
"My boy Mani makes me happy every day"

Deborah Marsh
"Never expected a grandson in lockdown! All of my grandchildren make me smile every day."

Jordan Hind
"For me, I have been so happy with the strength of AIM and how much we have worked together to make it through these challenging times, and through it all, be able to expand EPA and see it grow, I'm happy with the work I've done as part of this. Also, the effort put into the social nights and Christmas do!!"

"Outside of work - finding happiness around us and the beauty of the UK. I loved my trip down to Cornwall it was such a lovely holiday with the family (within the few weeks we were allowed haha)"

Michelle Stevenson
"Happiness is 3 wagging tails to share my office with. I'm 100% sure they were there for me and not the cake I was snacking on..."

By Conner Thornewill

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