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AIMVOC Inclusivity at its best!

Sue Benton is passionate about AIMVOCs, she says she could talk about it all day, "it's such a great offer" she said, so I asked her why:

photo of Sue BentonHaving worked for many years with individuals that experience multiple barriers to learning and the curriculum, it was a breath of fresh air to find a suite of qualifications that was designed for the learner, the individual. A qualification that promotes individual learning programmes that truly reflect inclusive education.

AIMVOC allows a ‘non-threatening’ approach to learning that builds confidence and skills for every learner, however, AIMVOC goes that little bit further… it provides a viable alternative to the traditional curriculum for vulnerable, at risk of NEET and SEND learners.  For example, vulnerable learners gain a great deal from completing and achieving an Award (only 3 credits), particularly if it focuses on their specific needs or area of interest.

For many, achieving an AIMVOC Award completely changes their view of education and their own ability. The confidence gained from achieving just one Award often develops into several years of study, building confidence, self esteem, personal and vocational skills, resulting in the achievement of a Certificate or Diploma.

Unfortunately, achievement has not been easy or possible for many learners before engaging with AIMVOC, so it really is a suite of qualifications that provides a truly inclusive educational experience.  

Centres offering AIMVOC have ‘passionately raved’ about the value of using AIMVOC alongside the national curriculum, taking students from year 7 though to year 11 and beyond. I am told again and again how the diverse range of units allow teachers to support individuals with specific barriers, ranging from difficulties with literacy skills through to physical, verbal, communication and interaction barriers, and often provides access to the national curriculum. 

The ability to tailor the education programme for a learner is the definition of inclusivity, this is why we are extremely passionate about AIMVOC. Please contact us to discuss how AIMVOC can help you provide a meaningful and inclusive experience for all your learners. 

I'm always happy to chat about AIMVOC, in fact, once I start, I just can’t stop!

You can find out more about AIMVOCs on our webpage

Sue Benton is a Centre Lead at AIM

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