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Keep your learners engaged over summer

Are you looking for ways to keep your students learning during the summer break, so they are engaged and well prepared for their next academic year? 

Capital Tutorials eLearning courses have been specially developed to meet the requirements of AIM centres. They offer a comprehensive suite which attract AEB funding and are great way to bridge the learning gap over summer. 

The LearningPlus online platform uses auto assessed content leaving teaching staff free to enjoy the summer break while offering learners a ‘simple to use’ system to build confidence and prepare them for the start of term. 

AEB funded subjects available  

Capital Tutorials have developed 25 qualifications which attract AEB funding. The most popular being:  

These AIM vocational qualifications attract ‘WEIGHTED’ AEB funding:  

The LearningPlus platform 

If you are looking for an online platform to deliver these courses, the LearningPlus platform will complement your existing educational programs, providing flexibility and additional learning opportunities for your students. It brings: 

  • Auto-assessed content: learners can study independently, receiving immediate feedback on their progress. 
  • Continuous engagement: keep your students motivated and learning during non-active study periods. 

More information 

Find out more about Capital Tutorials and how they work with AIM:   

Schedule a brief demo to see how LearningPlus can benefit your institution by emailing  

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