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AIM’s Bespoke Provision now funded by the Adult Skills Fund

Previously restricted to regulated qualifications, the ASF now includes a ‘tailored learning’ category encompassing non-regulated courses and employer-specific programs like AIM's Bespoke provision. This opens doors for organisations to upskill their workforce through funded customised training.

"This is a significant change for organisations seeking innovative training solutions," said Fabienne Bailey, AIM's Business Growth and Transformation Director. “Previously, adult skills funding was primarily restricted to regulated qualifications but this new ‘tailored learning’ category brings together community learning, non-regulated courses, and employer-facing provision (that is not qualification-based) under one umbrella eligible for funding, which is great news for organisations working with us to develop bespoke provision”.

About AIM's Bespoke Accreditation

AIM’s Bespoke Accreditation is tailored for organisations that aspire to deliver in-house bespoke training programs to nationally recognised standards using a unit and credit-based approach. AIM’s certification process ensures that the programs accredited through AIM remain flexible, unique, and crucially aligned with the specific needs and style of the organisation. 
AIM's specialist team evaluates the employers training programme and uses a formal accreditation framework to ensure measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria are benchmarked against national frameworks. 

Access to Adult Skills Fund 2024-2025

With the new flexibilities in the government's Adult Skills Fund for 2024-2025, non-regulated, tailored learning provision such as AIM's Bespoke Accreditation, now qualifies for funding. This funding will open doors for organisations to access financial support and offer enhanced learning opportunities to a wider audience, ensuring that skill development and training remain accessible and inclusive.

More information

More information on Tailored Learning Funding can be found on Gov.UK Adult Skills fund website

Organisations looking to explore AIM's Bespoke Accreditation and eligibility for the Adult Skills Fund for 2024-2025 can contact AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group’s Business Development team at 

Already have bespoke training but looking for accreditation? See AIM's Quality Mark service.

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