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What are the benefits of being a Training Partner with The Retrofit Academy?

by Callum Harrison, Head of Learn at the Retrofit Academy

To meet ever growing retrofit demand, the UK needs more high-quality training providers to bring more qualified retrofit professionals into the market. Here, Callum Harrison, Head of Learn at The Retrofit Academy, explains why The Retrofit Academy is the best equipped partner to deliver retrofit training to colleges and training providers.

Thanks to government funding such as the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) and Home Upgrade Grant (HUG), billions of pounds have become available to upgrade millions of homes across the UK. As local authorities, social housing providers and their appointed contractors look to develop their retrofit workforce, the demand for retrofitters and retrofit training is rising.


This is creating a brilliant opportunity for further education colleges and training providers to develop a retrofit training proposition of their own. To guarantee the lasting success of retrofit in the UK, it is essential that colleges and training providers have access to a partnership that delivers the best quality qualifications and outcome for learners.

A Quality Network

Consistent high-quality training is key to delivering successful domestic retrofit. After all, there is little use investing time and money into retrofit projects that fail to provide healthy, efficient, comfortable homes for residents, especially when using government funding. It needs to be done right, first time, every time.

We have established our training network of licensed training partners to ensure that quality is a fundamental part of the courses available to learners across the UK. We identify education partners that can deliver skilled retrofitters at scale and work with them to guarantee lasting success. Providing resources and quality training courses that best equip learners to take on PAS 2035 roles, it allows us to bring our rich experience and knowledge of retrofit to regions across the UK.

Why is The Retrofit Academy the one to partner with?

We are building a network of franchised Retrofit Academy Hubs to tackle the retrofit workforce shortage and ensure every new recruit arrives on-site with the right knowledge and skills. For further education and training providers who partner with us, being a licensed training partner in our network of hubs brings access to whole host of benefits.

Most importantly, it includes access to all learning and teaching resources for the different leading AIM-accredited qualifications from levels two to five. This includes the courses for qualifying in PAS 2035 roles such as Retrofit Coordinator, Retrofit Assessor and Retrofit Advisor. Training partners also get access to a comprehensive ‘train the trainer’ programme for up to two members of staff to ensure that those delivering the leading courses are able to confidently teach and verify work is being completed to a high standard.

Those who join the UK’s most trusted retrofit network will also receive:

  • 10 consultancy days from a member of The Retrofit Academy
  • Learner enrolment on our bespoke Learning Management System
  • Learner and tutor technical support from The Retrofit Academy’s expert team
  • Quality assurance support
  • The benefit of The Retrofit Academy marking learners’ assessments
  • Leads generated via The Retrofit Academy’s national marketing programme
  • A toolkit of resources to help you to engage the local market
  • A high-profile presence on the Retrofit Careers Hub
  • Full Retrofit Academy membership for 12 months

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more information about becoming a licensed Training Partner with
The Retrofit Academy here

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