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Customer Experience Update

Customer Reminders

Here are a few important reminders to keep everything running smoothly and ensure that Quartzweb is kept up to date:

  • Keep your learner records updated: It is crucial to maintain accurate information on Quartzweb. Please ensure you withdraw any learners who are no longer on programme with your centre but are still registered with AIM.
  • Update your contact information: Ensure that all contacts we hold for your centre are up to date. This ensures that important communications reach the correct person promptly.
  • VTQ Senior Designated Contact: For centres approved for our Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills, please ensure we have the correct contact details for your VTQ Senior Designated Contact held on Quartzweb. 
  • Resolve Unique Learner Numbers Queries Promptly: : If you encounter discrepancies in learner registration information compared to records held with the Learning Record Service, please address them promptly. Resolving these queries ensures accurate reporting and tracking of learner progress.
  • Access detailed guidance: For full detailed guidance on these processes including how to register and award your learners, log into Quartzweb and navigate to the Documents section.
  • New Registration Form: Effective immediately, there is an updated registration form on Quartzweb. To access this form log into Quartzweb and navigate to the Documents section.

New-look AIM Certificates

We recognise and appreciate the value of each certificate awarded to every AIM learner, which is why, from the 1 April, we will be launching our new-look certificates!

We have hit refresh on the designs of our certificates for AIM qualifications and our Endorsed provision which will be in circulation from the start of April. Be sure to share your achievements with us on our social media channels!

Customer Feedback

At AIM, your satisfaction is our priority. We highly value your feedback as it helps us continually enhance your experience. We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences of working with us. Whether it's to compliment our services or suggest areas for improvement, your input is important to us.

To facilitate this conversation, we have our dedicated Customer Experience Manager, Selina Carreno, ready to listen to your feedback. Please email us at to arrange an appointment for a friendly chat. Your feedback guides our efforts to better serve you, so please don't hesitate to let us know where we excel and where we can do even better.

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