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Peep Practitioner Accreditation


The accreditation unit 'Supporting Parents and Children to Learn Together' is an effective way for practitioners to develop their own skills while helping parents to improve their young children's outcomes.  It is a 3 credit unit, available at level 6 in Scotland and level 3 throughout the rest of the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The unit was developed for practitioners who are delivering our evidence-based Peep Learning Together Programme (LTP) with parents/carers and their young children. The Programme contains a wide range of child development topics and delivery resources. It can be used by practitioners from any sector who are working with parents and children from birth to five, in groups or 1-to-1. The accreditation is introduced to practitioners during our 2-day LTP training.

Practitioners/ learners choosing to complete the Accreditation unit complete a portfolio based on their Peep plan-do-review cycle. The portfolio is based on delivering at least three Peep sessions with families. This values and builds on practitioners’ skills, confidence, knowledge and understanding about working with parents and children to support their home learning environment and enhance children’s outcomes.

We assign learners to an assessor for the duration of their accreditation, and they have online access to extensive support materials. Learners have up to 9 months to complete their portfolio. There are also monthly online group support sessions which focus on aspects of the portfolio, and provide an opportunity to network and build supportive connections with other practitioners.

Completing the accreditation improves the quality of delivery with families as it embeds the Peep training and programme into practitioner’s work. It provides a time-effective opportunity for practitioners' CPD (Continuing Professional Development), including discussion and reflection on feedback from families and a colleague. The Programme is delivered with parents and children together, so the accreditation is valuable even if practitioners already have a higher-level qualification which focused on working with either adults or children.

“I enjoyed reflecting on my Peep practice through the accreditation. It has highlighted my development and growth as a practitioner and furthered my passion for the Peep Learning Together Programme.”

(Practitioner Accreditation Learner, 2023)

Peeple is a charity, whose main purpose is to work with practitioners and parents to improve young children's outcomes and help close the attainment gap. We do this by valuing and building on what families already do. Peep practitioners and families share information and ideas from the Peep Learning Together Programme about how to make the most of the learning opportunities in everyday life and play. Research shows that this makes the biggest contribution to narrowing the gap in children's outcomes.

Our partnership with AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group has enhanced our accreditation offering. The staff have been incredibly encouraging from the very beginning of our accreditation journey. We have regular email check-ins from Stuart (Business Development Lead) and have recently completed our first AIM EQA (External Quality Assurance) which was incredibly supportive and reassuring with a positive outcome. AIM’s support has ensured the staff working on the accreditation have been able to provide robust systems and support to our learners. 

If you would like to find out more about Peeple and our Peep Programmes please visit our website or contact


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