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Keep your learners engaged before they start their course

Fabienne Bailey, AIM's Interim Director for Business Growth and Transformation suggests that short courses in the first 42 days can boost learner confidence and help reduce attrition rates.

Any provider will agree that the retention of their learners is one of the biggest challenges, particularly in the first six weeks of learners joining their courses. Whether it is a young person on a study programme, or adult learners on funded college or training provider provision, the first 42 days at college can be a tense time.  A range of engagement techniques are used to hook the learners in, to grab their attention and enthuse them on their learning journey but withdrawals in this period are always high with personal and social reasons being the most commonly noted when analysing withdrawal information.    
So what else can we do to support learners and retention on their programmes of study?
If personal and social reasons are often the cause of early withdrawal then what else might work?
Well here at AIM we have worked closely with our online learning partner Capital Tutorials to create a series of short online units including :

  • Personal emotional resilience 
  • Understanding how to be successful 
  • Building confidence and self esteem

 All are just 3 credits so can be used to engage your learners and introduce them to elearning and enrichment.  With the short and sharp approach,  learners are able to complete these early into their courses, providing an early sense of achievement and confidence boost.  
All are fundable and if being used with study programme learners, they contribute to the study programme hours so good ways to support 540 hours for full funding.  
More importantly though, they will provide learners with the opportunity to develop new skills whilst improving their chance of staying on programme.

More information

If you are interested in using these short online programmes with any of your learners, please get in touch with us for a demo or checkout Capital Tuorial's website.  We can lock in early discount deals for anyone getting set up for the new academic year.  We will also provide free access to important Study Skills programmes, also available as short, online enrichment programmes that will help your learner retention and achievement.  
For further information,  please contact our Business Development Team on

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