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Dog Grooming: Why get qualified and top four tips for choosing a training centre

By Hayley Dilley, AIM Qualifications and Assessment Developer

Demand in the UK dog grooming market has risen significantly over the last few years with more homeowners adopting dogs during the Covid-19 pandemic. There is also a rising trend of pet humanisation that is seeing a growth in the adoption of organic pet care products, that is further propelling demand in the UK pet sector (Future Market Insights). It’s, therefore, never been a better time to become a Dog Groomer! 


Qualifications and Assessment Developer, Hayley Dilley, is an expert in developing dog grooming qualifications for The AIM Group. In this blog, she looks at how training to be a dog groomer can be both rewarding and challenging, and how your passion for the role can potentially turn it into a lifelong career. So, if you are in the early stages of getting into the sector or considering a change of profession, the tips below may provide some support when deciding on why and where to study.

Why get qualified?

Customers buy into dog groomers based on trust, knowledge and expertise - especially when the groomer is handling their loveable pooch(s). Dog Grooming qualifications in the UK are regulated by Ofqual. By training as a dog groomer, you not only reassure your customers that the groomer they have invested in is qualified to a standard that is regulated beyond the provider itself, but it can also give your business the credibility it deserves in a highly competitive market that is still largely unregulated.

Getting qualified is not only a personal achievement but provides you with professional recognition of your knowledge and skills. Furthermore, being qualified can enhance your earning potential and career prospects further.

Getting qualified – top four tips for choosing a training centre

Choosing the right training provider can be daunting, but with some tips to consider, making the decision of where to get trained and qualified will be that little easier.

Try and consider a variety of factors when choosing the right training provider for you. Whilst our qualifications aim to cover a wide range of subject knowledge and essential skills, some providers will offer so much more!

  1. Always look for a provider that has hands-on training led by qualified, experienced experts – this is essential in preparing you for a career in dog grooming.
  2. Consider the course content – look for courses that cover a range of topics and grooming techniques, such as dog behaviour.
  3. Speak to the centre - ensure you visit the premises before making a decision, to look at the way the courses are delivered, what their facilities are like and meet the trainers. Ask questions and if possible, visit on a day when they already have other learners in.
  4. Research their website – read reviews from past learners, this will give you an insight into the quality of training and assessment experienced by learners who have already achieved their qualification(s).

Help and Advice

  • Find out more about AIM's Dog Grooming qualifications. Link to landing page
  • If you’re an existing centre, creating a new course to add to your existing portfolio is a straight-forward process. Please contact your Centre Lead to discuss your requirements further.
  • New centres – learn more about how to become a recognised AIM centre here.

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