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EQA activity planning

Early Bird Bookings for EV allocation for centres who present their evidence to the AIM EV team throughout the year*.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the request form to let us know when you think you might need an EV activity in 2021/22 (especially for the busy summer period). We will provisionally schedule your appointment and reserve the EV space. You can make changes later - subject to availability.

Note: The Early Bird Booking form is only open until the end 
of October. After this date, you will need to book your EV activity in the usual way via the AIM website a minimum of two weeks in advance (subject to 
EQA availability).

*Doesn’t apply to the following centres:

  • those delivering only Access to HE, or ESOL qualifications
  • qualifications wholly covered by direct claims status
  • qualifications assessed entirely by AIM multiple 
  • choice exams

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