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AIM Qualifications development: Level 2 award in Psychological Understanding and Responding to Trauma

AIM Qualifications is developing an introductory qualification looking at trauma and how therapeutic practice can be used when working with individuals who have experienced trauma. The qualification does not seek to train learners as professional counsellors or therapists, but rather to develop therapeutic practice with which they may adapt and use within their current job roles. This qualification can also be used to introduce those with little or no previous experience of the industry to this specialist area.

Complements counselling suite
This new qualification complements the AIM suite of levels 2 - 6 counselling qualifications (of which the level 3 and level 4 qualifications were recently ‘designated’ by Qualifications Wales) giving the learner a chance to expand their knowledge in the field even further than before.

Whilst theses counselling qualifications are designed to develop the necessary skills and knowledge of aspiring and practising counsellors, the new award in Understanding and Responding to Physiological Trauma could be completed as either an introductory taster to the level 2 or level 3 counselling qualifications, or could be taken alongside these qualifications to further develop the learner's knowledge and therapeutic skills by preparing them for working with people who have experienced trauma.

Public funding

We envisage that this qualification will be available for public funding via the Adult Education Budget (AEB). Centres are advised to check their eligibility with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) directly.

The qualification will be available for first registrations in April 2020.

For more information on this qualification, you can call us on 01332 341822 or email us at

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