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Why AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE is good for business

Written by Katharine Pearce - AIM Centre Lead

What is 'Investing in your Future'?

AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE or IF is a quality kitemark awarded by AIM to centres who can demonstrate the quality of the training they provide to their staff.

Why 'Investing in your Future' is good for business

Most businesses will at some time need to demonstrate the quality of the training they provide to their staff. Too often I have seen ill-thought-through or random courses dreamt up by the HR or training department that are compulsory for staff to attend but where the content hasn’t been updated for years.

However, there are other times when we see excellent in-house short courses which haven’t been given the gravitas or recognition they deserve.

AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE recognises the quality of an organisations' non-accredited training. It can give you a real competitive edge as it demonstrates you are working within a tested quality framework. It could also help when recruiting and retaining customers and staff.

It will:

  • provide assurance to third parties, such as government bodies, about the quality of the learning experience that you offer
  • minimise resource costs and the administrative burden of producing certificates; with our competitive registration and certification service, we can produce your certificates for you using your organisation's logo.

As an approved IF organisation you will also:

  • Be able to use the AIM IF logotype on your marketing materials
  • Receive a branded IF wall plaque to display in your reception area

How others have benefited

I recently visited a centre recently who were doing some amazing short courses for their staff and local colleagues in related industries. They have a real commitment to keeping their staff’s skills up to date which, is crucial as they operate in the fast-moving and highly competitive environment of the media/ games industry. Their courses are ever-changing depending on demand and they didn’t want to be tied down to evidencing assessment criteria and putting together portfolios. They just wanted to deliver dynamic short courses that reflect what’s needed by their staff and partners. They now use the AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE kitemark on their learner’s certificates and on their marketing collateral.

View the testimonials on our website to see how others have benefitted from AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE  

Am I eligible to be an IF centre?

  1. Centre recognition

In order to apply to be an IF centre you must first be a recognised AIM centre, this requires you to complete our centre recognition process.

  1. IF approval

Once you are an AIM approved centre, you can assess your eligibility against our IF  standard quality assurance criteria. Full details can be found in our handbook or visit our centre application page.

Find out more

If you would like anymore information on the benefits of AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE, please contact me on 01332 341822, email

Alternatively, download the AIMINVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE handbook.

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