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Quality Mark

Previously known as Investing in your Future (IF) or Quality Endorsed Licence (QEL)

The AIM Quality Mark is designed for organisations and employers who are seeking a quality kitemark for their own training programmes that they have created. It does not assess individual learner achievements but instead provides a formal endorsement that AIM consider their programmes to be of high-quality and provide a meaningful learning experience.

Programmes/courses are developed and written by the organisation to meet their particular training requirements and AIM provide certification to evidence successful participation and completion


For organisations with little or no experience of the processes involved in delivering endorsed training, we can help by offering simple, and unbiased advice.
Our staff have many years of experience working with regulated qualifications. We understand how to get the best from operating within quality frameworks; setting-up processes and systems, identifying and navigating pitfalls, in order to deliver high-quality training and development provision. 

Quality Assurance

As a recognised Quality Mark centre you will be able to validate your own, bespoke training courses with the AIM Quality Mark kitemark to show that you have met our high standards. Your students/staff will know that your organisation’s training/course design and delivery have been endorsed by a regulated body.

As an approved Quality Mark organisation you:

  • can use the AIM Quality Mark kitemark in your marketing collateral 
  • will receive a personalised Quality Mark centre approval certificate for display in your building


1. Expand your provision

Quality Mark offers organisations a chance to design and deliver non-regulated training programmes with confidence, knowing that they have been vetted by an Ofqual regulated body. Quality Mark gives you the freedom to develop courses quickly and easily for a wide range of people. This could be your own staff, for example induction training, progression and advancement courses, professional skills etc. whilst training providers are able to develop tailor-made training provision for their students. Whatever sector you specialise in, whether you are working with a small group of students, or a large cohort, you have the flexibility to tailor courses specifically for your staff and/or customers. 

2. Competitive edge

Quality Mark will enhance your reputation to help you gain and retain clients and high-calibre staff.

3. Manage risk

Quality Mark enables you to operate within a quality framework and provides evidence to third parties, such as government bodies, or your management teams, of the quality of the learning experience that you offer.

4. Minimise costs

You can minimise resource costs and the administrative burden of producing certificates by letting us do it for you. With our competitive registration and certification service your students will receive either hard copy or e-certificates that are dual branded with your logo and contain the course name they have attended. We can also include CPD points to recognise continuous professional development (upon request)

Become an Quality Mark centre

If you are are a recognised AIM centre for any of our other products, talk to our business development team or email us at and we will arrange to add this to your approvals. 

If you are new to AIM and only want to use the Quality Mark, you need to apply to be an approved AIM centre. Submit an application along with relevant policies, supporting documentation and initial fee. Our business development team will conduct relevant checks of all documentation submitted before passing it over to our quality and compliance team for verification of submission. Please complete the application form and include "QM" in the field 'Please tell us which qualifications you are interested in delivering'.

Annual renewal
To maintain standards, Quality Mark organisations will receive an annual systems and procedures review visit along with a spot check on delivery. We will forward a sample of the visit report, prior to the visit, so that you have time to prepare. Annual visits may be carried out remotely.

Using the Quality Mark Kitemark
To receive the kitemark, please complete the promotion agreement and logo request form, and send it

More information

See how other centres have utilised our quality mark.

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