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TOX247 Ltd is an international business that provides services to any sector and or profession regarding ‘Total Workplace Substance Management’. The covid pandemic caused us to change our business plan regarding the training and teaching within our specialist subject discipline. Our support to clients had to become more flexible while remaining professional and sustainable. We therefore embarked on a journey to provide online training courses in support of our face-to-face training courses. We published 16-books in support of our courses which are essential reading for our students and all professions, across all sectors. We continue to produce publications on a regular basis.

When it came to deciding who we engage as our awarding body for the course material, we chose the AIM Group. AIM have exceeded our expectations on course content assessment, as well as the assessment of how we deliver our training programmes. There were no similar training programmes available globally for TOX247 or AIM to compare with as a benchmark. With the services and support of AIM we have forged a very strong package of learning and created a variety of substance management practitioner roles unique in the world today. TOX247 and AIM have set that exceptionally high benchmark for others to aspire to. AIM set the standards we deeded to meet, supports our sustainability and has provided significant credibility in what we provide through our core business provision. A visit to our website will highlight exactly how our courses are not only comprehensive, but also professional and sector enhancing.